We are changing!

With all the changes over the past year, we felt that it is time for us to also make some changes to our online store. We are very excited about our new offering and we are sure that you will also see the benefit in the change. 

So what are we changing?

Two things, pricing and delivery fees. Charging a delivery fee, or not, can result in a successful- or lost sale. But who are we kidding, delivery is never free, someone has to pay for it. While we currently offer free delivery, with certain exceptions, we've decided to stop offering free delivery as of 1 February 2021. But why? 

We are reducing our pricing, on all products! 

As of 1 February 2021 we will be reducing our pricing on all products. This will not be a promotion and we intend to keep the low pricing for the foreseeable future or until our suppliers have an increase. If you can still get a product cheaper from another online store, at their listed price (not a promotion price), please let us know and we will try and match their price to ensure that you get the product at the best possible price. 

Our delivery fee will be based on your shipping location and the weight of your parcel. This will be explained in detail on our Terms and Conditions page as of 1 February 2021.  

While we expect you, our loyal customer to question our new delivery fees, we know that you will see the benefit in the new reduced prices. In order for us to offer you a better price, we had to review our delivery policy. 

Online sales and delivery to your door is not a new phenomenon, but it is definitely the safer option in the current environment. And now we're also offering your wallet a "saver" option.