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Angel of Healing

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“It's the little things that we pick up on, the small gestures that are unique to each person. That's what we see in those we love.” Susan Lordi

For those who give comfort with caring and tenderness

This sensitive sculpture of an angel lovingly cradling a small bird can express many heartfelt sentiments. This piece would make a very meaningful gift to someone who needs comfort and healing or for someone who takes care of others.

“This was the first piece that I sculpted in the summer of 1999. It came about intuitively, and so it was natural that the result ended up being very open to interpretation. The bird can be protection, comfort or healing. When I created it, I was thinking about the idea of fragility and how we sometimes need to heal our inside — our soul. A bird is so fragile and vulnerable … a metaphor for our inner feelings. This piece helped define Willow Tree.”


• 12.70 cm