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Bayticol Aerosol

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Kills ticks and prevents tick bites in humans

Bayer Bayticol should be used as a fabric spray. It kills ticks that come in contact with the sprayed fabric surfaces, preventing tick bites and thus transmission of tick-borne diseases such as tick-bite and Congo fever in human. 

Reg No. L5203 (Act 36 of 1947)

Flumethrin (pyrethroid)  2g/kg

Shake well before use.

Clothes Treatment: Lightly treat fabric with an overall barrier spray from a distance of approximately 15-20 cm. Preferably treat clothes before dressing and prior to entering tick-infested areas, e.g. treat socks, trouser legs, waist, shirt cuffs and collar. Re-apply spray either after 2nd - 3rd wash or once every 3 weeks in case of clothes that have not been washed. Ticks which come in direct contact with Bayticol® Aerosol will not bite and eventually die off.

Bayticol is available in a 240ml aerosol can