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What are DogRocks?

Dog Rocks® are a product mined in Australia that helps prevent those nasty yellow urine burn stains appearing on your lawn. Dog Rocks® have been laboratory tested and is safe for your pet(s).

Dog Rocks are made from naturally occuring paramagnetic igneus rock. When placed into your dog's water bowl the rocks will remove any nitrates and tin found naturally in water. This will give your dog a cleaner, healthier source of ater supply. Dog Rocks do NOT alter the pH urine balance in any way. Dog Rocks are not uniform in size and differ from pack to pack in content because they are entirely natural. The weight of each pack is the same and therefore the efficiency consistent. There are no known harmful effects on dogs through the use of Dog Rocks where directions are followed. However, if your dog has a pre exisiting illnes don't change their diet. Dog Rocks are only intended for use as stated.

How to use:

• Remove the rocks from the bag and rinse

• Place no more than 2 liters of water in your dogs water bowl

• Add all the rinsed rocks to your dogs water bowl

Frequently asked questions:

• How long does it take to start to work?

- It takes 8-10 hours to start working in the water. You won’t see any difference in the rock when it’s working. After that it is immediately effective and therefore no new burn patches will occur….however it won’t fix the old spots but with proper lawn maintenance you will see vast improvements in 5 weeks.

• If the dog keeps taking the rock out of the bowl regardless of what you try, can the rocks be kept in a container of water and you fill the dogs bowl from that?

- You need to be persistent with the dog for a little while but if he still continues this behaviour then…yes, a few people do this…it will work but not as well as if the rocks are kept in the same bowl the dog drinks from.

• What are the reasons it may not work in the dog?

- (a). If the dog is fed a diet of mainly raw red meat, this will hinder the productivity of dog rocks. 

- (b). If your dog has more than one drinking source, eg. Pool, pond, fountain, jacuzzi, toilet, cat’s water bowl… dog rocks effectiveness is greatly diminished.

(c). It works weight to volume, so if you don’t follow the directions. If you use too little rocks per amount of water, or you empty the water bowl out all the time and don’t give the rocks a chance to work again. Top the water bowl up rather than replace the water everyday and then when needed, change the water when the dog is least likely to consume large amounts of water.

• Are dog rocks safe for other animals who may share the same water bowl?

- Yes, dog rocks are safe for all animals

• Is dog rocks an all natural product?

- Yes, dog rocks comes right from the ground. The only intervention it has had is that it runs through a grader in order to size the rocks to prevent choking. It is packaged in all natural, eco friendly bags and boxes. From the earth and back to the earth after usage…

Available size:
• 200 g