Pheroma Pet Odour Neutralizer

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Spray Powder
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Pheroma spray is a scientifically formulated, patented odour neutralizer for use on odours of animal origins.  

It is non-toxic, biodegradable and highly effective against most offensive pet odours - for e.g. urine, feacal matter, anal gland odours etc and can be used to remove the offensive smell from various surfaces. Although Pheroma Spray is pleasantly perfumed, a special odour neutralizer is actually responsible for its odour eliminating properties. The active ingredient in Pheroma, works by chemically binding with the offensive odour and rendering it almost completely odourless.

Directions for use:

Spray - First remove any solid waste on the soiled area. Clean the area with warm water. Then spray Pheroma directly onto the area. The smell will be rapidly neutralised. Pheroma spray will not normally stain carpets, however, if you are concerned, please spot test the product first.

Powder - Sprinkle over or mix the Pheroma powder in to the litter of cats, hamsters and other animals. This harmless powder immediately removes all unpleasant pet odours, especially urine and faecal odours. Can be used inside vacuum cleaner bags and dustbins.

Available in two sizes:

• 200ml Trigger spray bottle
• 500g Tub powder