Wee-Wee Diapers

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Can be used for urinary incontinence, untrained puppies, females in season and excitable urination

Super absorbent, comfortable and a secure fit.

Available in 5 sizes:

• X-Small (12's)

Weight: 1.8kg to 3.6kg - Waist: 25cm to 33cm •

• Small (12's)

Weight: 3.6kg to 6.8kg - Waist: 33cm to 48cm •

• Medium (12's)

Weight: 6.8kg to 15.9kg - Waist: 46cm to 64cm •

• Large (12's)

Weight: 15.9kg to 20.4kg - Waist: 51cm to 69cm •

• X-Large (12's)

Weight: 20.4kg to 27.2kg - Waist: 64cm to 86cm