Simple Solution Hinged Puppy Training Pad Holder

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Great for Indoor House Training!

The Simple Solution training pad holder is designed to make using training pads in the home easier. Using the unique locking clasps the pads are secured into place and this prevents the dog from tearing and pulling the pads around the floor. It provides a neat and tidy finish to keep pads secure and in one place. Easy lock tabs make it simple to change pads when required. Folders flat for easy storage. Rubber pads help adhere to shiny surfaces such as tiles and wooden floor to prevent the holder being pushed around. Use in conjunction with Simple Solution Training Pads for the best fit.

• Simple Solution Training Pad Holder is the perfect way to keep your dog's training pad securely in place

• Holds any standard or extra-large dog training pad (53cm x 53cm or larger)

• Pad holder is strong and durable and prevents training pad tearing and shredding, and keeps urine from flowing over the pad edge

• Has secure lockdown tabs to hold the pad in place along with rubber pads to prevent the holder from slipping around

• The perfect companion to Simple Solution Dog and Puppy training pads

55x55cm (55x26x6cm when folded)