Carbon Training Pads

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Having a puppy in the house is a real adventure.

These puppy pads encourage puppies to urinate on the pads. Puppy pads are the perfect size for training your puppy or for dogs with special needs. Pads are super absorbent. This ensures that your floors, couches and carpets are not ruined by urinary stains. The pads absorb the urination and can be discarded immediately, ensuring no smell is left behind.



• Carbon technology training pads are 25% thicker and absorb twice the amount of liquid that normal training pads
• Each pad has 5 layers, which is designed to keep your floor clean and dry
• The top layer is made of our carbon technology that provides max absorption and removes odour quickly
• The middle layers help turn liquid into gel, which holds more fluid than usual training pads
• The bottom layers are made with high endurance that prevent the pads from wearing and tearing, keeping the liquid from staining the floor
• Ideal for puppies, indoor dogs and aging dogs.

Available in one size:

• 45 x 60cm

Available colour:

• Grey