Water Escape Ramp

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Teach your pet to get out of the pool

How does is work:

The white plastic ramp attaches to the side of your pool. Because all animals can see objects that reflect 550 nm-wavelength (white) light, your pet will be able to see the Water Escape Ramp at all times and they will be able to get out of the pool.

The Water Escape Ramp is made locally from blowmolded polyethylene. 


• Light and robust

• Chemical-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant — for use in pools withstands direct sunlight and freezing cold

• Unbreakable — flexes but doesn't break

• Easy to get pets accustomed to climbing on it

• Durable 

• Lightweight 

• Easy to install

Please note that you need to teach your pet to make use of the Water Escape Ramp in order for this product to work.

Available sizes:

• Regular - For animals 12 kg and under with short bodies.

• Large - For animals over 12 kg up to 50 kg and with longer bodies.