Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap

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Perfect for preventing messes from males with incontinence and excitable urination.

Simple Solutions pet diapers are designed specifically with your pets comfort in mind. Made from lightweight microfiber fabric with an adjustable strip to provide a comfortable and secure fit.

Product features:

• Simple Solution Medium Washable Male Dog Wrap provides super-absorbent, long lasting protection, specifically designed for male dogs
• Washable male dog diapers are made from lightweight microfiber fabric and have adjustable strips to provide a comfortable and secure fit
• Male dog belly band has a moisture wicking liner to protect skin and coat, super absorbent microfiber pad and a plastic liner for leak protection
• Perfect for preventing messes from incontinence, excitable urination and territorial marking in male dogs
• Contains one machine washable wrap

Available in two sizes:

• Medium - 4 to 16kg, waist measurement of 30 to 58cm
• Large - 16 to 40kg, waist measurement of 45 to 89cm