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Managing bad habits with Footsack Spray 

Pets sometimes develop bad habits that annoy their owners. Left untreated, these behaviours simply become more entrenched and owners find it increasingly difficult to manage the undesirable behaviour in their pets.

Footsack Spray is a training aid for dogs and cats - designed as an aid to break pets of undesirable habits both indoors (e.g. sleeping on furniture) and outdoors (e.g. to stop pets raiding refuse bins) or to keep them away from out-of-bounds areas (e.g. flower beds or patches of lawn).  Since Footsack is merely a repellent spray, it should be accompanied by appropriate training to facilitate behaviour modification.

When trying to modify inappropriate behaviour, be consistent in your application - in order to change undesirable behaviour, pets need to get a firm signal from their owners that the current behaviour is not acceptable. Praise your pet for good behaviour, but note that physical punishment is counter-productive.

Footsack contains an odour that pets find offensive and which will keep them away for up to 12 hours from areas where you don’t want them to be. The odour is not offensive or harmful to people. 

• Spray the furniture, carpet or other area with Footsack Spray until the area is slightly moist

• If you do not wish to spray directly onto sensitive surfaces you can spray a piece of cloth and place on the object or area to be protected

• Do not apply directly to leaves or soft plants

• Pet owners should use gloves when handling the granules and thereafter scatter them lightly on the lawn, flower beds, bases of tree-trunks, etc that need to be protected

Available in two sizes:

• Footsack Repellent Spray 200ml (for indoor use)
• Footsack Granules 500g