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Clik-R Pet Clicker

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The Petsafe hand-held Clik-R makes training easy and fun

Clicker training is an effective method for training, and is very safe and humane. When your pet learns to offer behaviors you like in exchange for a reward, it is a win-win situation.
Training will become a fun activity you both enjoy.

With clicker training, a sound is used to mark the exact behavior we like, and then followed immediately with a reward. The reward is usually a tasty food treat. Soon, the sound begins to predict the reward - the pet begins to understand that when he hears that sound, it will be followed with a reward.

• Compact and easy to hold

• Finger band for added comfort

• Teach basic commands 

• Stop bad behaviour

• Single or Multi-dog training

• Clicker sound is unique, consistent, clear and precise