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Bitter Bite

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Prevents pets from chewing and biting

Bitter Bite is a powerful, non-toxic,bitter-tasting formulation, that may help prevent your cat or dog from damaging furniture, carpets, shoes etc. It is especially useful at puppy and kitten teething times. Always test on small hidden area before applying to household items as some dyes may be dislodged by Bitter Bite. 

Bitter Bite is ideal for applying to bandages to dissuade the animal from removing them after veterinary treatment. Bitter Bite is ideal for use in veterinary clinics, kennels, catteries and, of course, the home.

Apply Bitter Bite spray liberaly onto any household items to be preserved from your pets teeth and allow to dry before allowing him access. Lightly spray the affected areas of your cat or dogs coat or skin, or dressing over wounds. One application usually eliminates chewing or licking problems, but repeat if required. If in doubt, always consult your veterinary surgeon immediately.