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Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone that mimics the pheromone mother dogs emit after giving birth to help their puppies feel calm and secure. 

Dogs of all ages recognize this pheromone throughout life. 

The Adaptil range of products offer help in many situations, both indoors and outdoors, and for short-term and long-term use. 

Many situations can be perceived as stressful by dogs, such as loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms, household appliances), going to the vet, traveling by car, home alone, kenneling/boarding, and changes in the home environment or the composition of the family. The comforting pheromone in Adaptil has been clinically proven to help increase focus during training in puppies and adult dogs. Additionally for dogs in stressful situations, Adaptil helps reduce the signs of stress which are usually inappropriate behaviors. Even small changes in your home and your daily routine can upset your dog and increase stress.

Stress can lead to unhappy behaviors such as hiding, excessive barking and whimpering, soiling in the home, and destroying household items.

Using Adaptil will help give your dog or puppy a feeling of security and will help reduce the signs of stress that they experience. 

Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks. For best results in all dogs, use for at least 30 days and keep the collar on continuously. For best results in puppies, place the collar as soon as you get the puppy and replace the collar monthly for the following four months.

• Place a finger in the plastic loop situated on the inside of the collar close to the buckle

• Using this loop, pull the thin plastic to uncoil the collar

• Place over your dog's head and around the neck

• Tighten the collar to fit snugly

• You should be able to place no more than two fingers between the collar and dog’s skin

• If your dog has long hair, part the hair to ensure that the collar is in close contact with the skin

• Ensure the collar is fixed inside the buckle

• Cut off the excess portion of the collar

The Adaptil Collar is activated by body heat and releases the calming pheromone constantly, even when the dog is outside. It is essential to keep the Collar in close contact with the dog’s skin at all times.

• The Adaptil Collar works on all breeds of dog, as long as it is fitted correctly

• The appeasing pheromone is released almost immediately. The collar will not work when it is wet, but diffuses again as soon as it’s dry

• If your dog wears another collar, it is important to ensure the Adaptil Collar stays in contact with skin. Do not attach a leash to the Adaptil Collar

• Do not use the collar on dogs with skin lesions in the neck area

• Do not open the protective pouch until you are ready to use the product


The Adaptil Collar is ideal for:

• Adoption / Puppy socialization / Training / Traveling /Crating / Kenneling / Boarding

• Loud noises (thunderstorms or fireworks), especially for dogs living mostly outdoors and who cannot be kept home during such events

• Staying home alone

• Outdoor dogs experiencing signs of stress


When Adaptil may not work:

There are some situations where Adaptil won't work, or at least won't work without additional concurrent therapy such as behavior modification or even medications.

• When the behavior is not stress-related

• When the behavior has been present for a very long time or the problems are severe. Seek advice from a veterinary behaviorist

• Overexcited dogs - an overexcited puppy is not going to be calmed down by Adaptil alone. In this case, additional training is needed along with the use of Adaptil

• Urination in the home due to a medical condition or lack of toilet access. Always get a clean bill of health from your veterinarian if your dog is house-soiling

• Aggression towards other dogs or humans is a very serious problem. Seek advice from a veterinary behaviorist

Scientific studies have shown that using Adaptil helps to reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies exposed to challenging situations.

Available in two sizes:

• Puppy/Small (fits neck up to 37.5cm)

• Medium/Large (fits neck up to 70cm)


Note regarding puppies: As the puppy grows, it’s important to regularly adjust the fit of the collar to make sure it’s not too tight.