Halti No Pull Harness

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Stops your dog from pulling - Guaranteed

The new Halti No Pull Harness provides instant results for any size of dog with its unique combination of a no pull lifting action and front control steering. This combination makes for easy training as the dual control options can be used individually or together to manage different levels of pulling. The Halti No Pull Harness will help train your dog not to pull, whilst providing immediate control for even the strongest pullers.

• Instant results with a Unique combination of stop pull lifting action and front control

• Quick and easy to put on

• Simple and effective with two control options to suit different levels of pulling

• Lightweight harness with padded chest panel and leg straps

• Chest panel stops harness from sliding to the side when then dog pulls

• Safety all year round with reflective front chest panel and strap stitching

Available in three sizes:

Size Measurement Typical Breed*
Small 22-36cm Border Terrier / Boston Terrier / Corgi / Maltese / Miniature Poodle / Mini Schnauzer / Scottish Terrier / Shih Tzu / Standard Dachshund / Toy Poodle / Yorkshire Terrier
Medium 34-50cm Beagle / Border Collie / Boxer / Bull Terrier / Cocker Spaniel / Dalmation / Doberman / German Shepherd / Husky / Labrador / Pointers / Staffie / Standard Poodle / Standard Schnauzer / Vizla / Weimaraner
Large 46-62cm Bull Mastiff / Giant Schnauzer / Golden Retriever / Great Dane / Newfoundland / Rottweiler / St Bernard 

*Breed recommendations are a guideline only as individual sizes may vary by dog. It is recommended you measure your dog to ensure the right fit. 

Available in one colour:

• Black