Busy Buddy Puppy Squirrel Dude

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Makes them actively engage in mealtimes

High durability and a funky bounce coupled with the patented Treat Meter that randomly dispenses treats and provides your dog with hours of fun and rewards. Rewarding positive play redirects potentially destructive chewing behaviour. The patented Treat Meter® holds a variety of treat options, including dry kibble, treats, cheese, and peanut butter, to reward your puppy for chewing his toys and not your shoes or furniture.

To use, load the Puppy Squirrel Dude with your puppy's favourite treats or kibble. If you would like treats to come out faster, you can trim the Treat Meter prongs. Once the prongs are cut, there's no going back, so we recommend trimming only a little at a time and then testing.



• For dogs under 6 months
• Patented Treat Meter randomly dispenses treats
• Dishwasher safe, top rack only

Available in two sizes:

• Small (for Dogs 3 - 9kg)
• Medium (for Dogs 9 - 22kg)

Available colour:

• Green