Push to Mute Johnny Stick

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Your choice of squeak or optional quiet mode.

For endless playtime possibility. Made to last. Fun to play!

PUSH TO MUTE series lets your pet to have a loud squeaky fun while playing with the toy. But it also can be easily turned into a quiet mode for more soothing and noise-free game. Push To Mute is made of thermoplastic rubber and high quality strap, specially designed to make your game more interesting and varied.

Thermoplastic Rubber is incredibly durable and strong yet flexible and supple, ensuring each toy is not only long lasting but copletely safe for you pet. This toy’s shape is designed like two medium and large size balls connected together,what makes it perfect for both medium and large dogs.

The 'Push to Mute' technology offers an inovative and unique solution to squeaking toys, as it allows owners to choose whether the toys squeaks or not, making playtime more exciting and your dog loving his new favorite toy.

Product size:

• Johnny Stick -20.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm