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Fire Hydrant Martini Monkey Paws Lite Beer Pizza Squirrel Steak
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Award winning foam stuffed PrideBites are fun, durable, non-toxic, pet-safe and vet approved. The Durabite™ fleece outer shell is incredibly strong, soft, and provides dog’s an experience like no other toy can.


• Squeaks

• Floats

• Versatile - Indoor or Outdoor

• 25kg pull pressure

• Soft foam stuffing

• Vet approved

• Washable at max 30°C

• Available in 7 designs;

Harry the Fire Hydrant:

We don't know why exactly, but it's clear that all dogs have an inherent love towards fire hydrants. Maybe its because they're red. Maybe its because they smell like bacon. We're not sure about that part, but none of us have ever put our faces close enough to tell. So as far as we know, it's entirely possible. Either way, your dog loves a good fire hydrant, so let us introduce him to Harry. Harry the Fire Hydrant PrideBite dog toy is bursting with joy to be your dog's new favorite toy. He doesn't shoot out water, but he does squeak and float. Harry is 21 cm long.


What do dog's and the worlds greatest secret agent James Bond have in common? They both love a good martini. Too bad dog martini's don't exist....until now! Give your dog a delicious Martini PrideBite that won't cause any intoxicating side effects. This drink floats, squeaks and has three olives. The Martini is 21 cm long. 

Marvin the Monkey:

Meet Marvin the banana-loving Monkey PrideBite dog toy. Marvin is ready to play inside and outside. He is a monkey after all. He does squeak, but like I said before, he is a monkey. Marvin loves the water because he floats. Marvin is 19 cm long.

Paws Lite Beer:

Introducing Paws Lite, a Beer PrideBite dog toy every dog will love. Paws Lite can be sipped inside and outside, and if your dog drops it in the pool don't worry, this dog toy can float. Although it won't give your dog the hiccups, it will give them the squeaks. Paws Lite is 21 cm long.


EVERYONE loves pizza, especially members of the canine family. Now you can give your dog a piece of PrideBite Pizza without cleaning up the inevitable mess. Our Pizza toy squeaks and floats, and you don't even have to worry about the crust getting soggy. The best part is "The Five Second" food rule doesn't apply here! The Pizza is 23cm long.

Sadie the Squirrel:

For some reason when a dog sees a little squirrel scuffling around & outside they become insanely happy and excited. We wanted to create a toy that could also bring a thrill and joy to your dog every time they saw it. Meet Sadie, the silly little rambunctious Squirrel PrideBite dog toy. Sadie can play anywhere. She loves to be inside and outside, and can even float if she's playing in the pool. She'll spend most of the time just squeaking round looking for precious acorns while your dog chases her around the house. Sadie is 19cm long.


We have created a dog toy for both dog and man alike. Look at our beautiful piece of Steak PrideBite dog toy. This steak tastes great inside and outside. It will squeak when it's on the grill, and it will float if it falls in the pool. It's a perfectly uncooked toy. The Steak is 20 cm long.