Invincibles Roadkillz

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Skunk Raccoon
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Rubber Meets Plush for Durable Tug and Play!

Featuring signature Invincibles Squeakers and a strong, built-in Chew Shield, Invincibles Roadkillz pack more punch than average dog toys as they are made with a strip of durable rubber that adds strength to an already super tough toy! Invincibles Roadkillz are a great choice for dogs who love to chew, shake and tug with their toys.

• Invincibles Squeakers Keep Squeaking If Punctured

• Durable molded tire strip adds improved durability

• Features Outward Hound's Chew Shield Technology

• Contains 2 Invincibles Squeakers

Both the Raccoon and Skunk measures approx 46cm in length