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Chicken Cow Donkey
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Durable Floppy Fun With Unique Sounds

Silly sounds equal more fun with the Outward Hound Floppyz. These durable characters are made with unique and silly sound that excites your dog with every flopping, shaking and tugging movement. Each Outward Hound Floppyz plush dog toy is made with a super durable chew shield that protects the toy and squeaker from tough teeth offering maximum resistance to rough play.

The Floppyz come in a medium shape and makes a downright funny donkey, cow or chicken sound perfect for interactive play.

• Makes a Mooing Cow, Honking Donkey or Coocky Chicken sound when your dog shakes it

• Fun, floppy movement

• Durable lining stands up to rough and tough play

Available in three sizes:

• Chicken - measures approx 46cm in length

• Cow - measures approx 44cm in length

• Donkey - measures approx 40cm in length