Beba Treat Toy

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A Squeaking Treat dispenser

What do you get when you cross a ball, a bone, a treat spot thing, and a squeaker? You guessed it, a duck! ....err, a Beba! If you've thought you've seen a versatile dog toy, then you haven't seen anything else. It's kinda like the swiss army knife of dog toys.

Made of a super pliable material, it has a spot for some treats, it's bouncy and there's a squeaker to drive your dog nuts. What else can your dog ask for?

• Non-toxic

• Made in the USA

• Treat dispenser

• Squeaking toy

• Bouncy

• Durable, Eco-friendly and Recyclable

The Beba is 14cm long and stands 6cm high.

It's perfect for small to medium sized dogs. 

Available in four colours:

• Blue

• Green

• Orange

• Pink