Mighty Microfiber Ball - Pig

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Super Soft Microfiber made amazingly Strong!

Mighty Ultimate toys are made with two layers;

• 1 layer soft microfiber plush on the outside
• 1 layer soft non-woven fleece on the inside

All of the layers are sewn together with 2 rows of cross stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching, to make one super strong toy. Some toys have additional black trim edging that makes the toy even stronger. The core of the toy is made of squeakers and balls. Minimal stuffing is used. The flexible multi-layers used to make the toy improves durability, as the material moves with the dog's teeth instead of just tearing. 

Over time your pet may begin to wear down the different layers of the toy, and may loosen or remove pieces. This is normal. Remove loose threads to avoid ingestion. If your pet reaches the white stuffed core of the toy discard immediately.

• Two layers of material

• Sewn multiple times

• Core made of squeakers and balls

• "Built to Last" (but keep in mind no toy will last forever)

• Mighty microfiber Pig has 6 squeakers

• No hard edges which discourages chewing

Available in two sizes:

• Junior - 18cm
• Medium - 25cm