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Floatiez Electrical Eel Floatiez Jellyfish Floatiez Narwhal Floatiez Orca Whale Floatiez Starfish Floatiez Stingray Floatiez Turtle
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Great for pool time!

Splash up some fun with the Outward Hound Floatiez! These brightly coloured water toys feature tennis balls and foam noodles for added bounce and buoyancy! Made with a durable material and designed with the cutest sea characters in mind, Floatiez are a great choice for water fun!

• Improves swimming

• They float

• Made with bright colours and playful patterns

• Made with durable material

Available in seven sizes/characters:

• Electrical Eel - 57cm

• Jellyfish - 33cm

• Narwhal - 40cm

• Orca Whale - 33cm

• Starfish - 30cm

• Stingray - 41cm

• Turtle - 28cm