Kong Rambler

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Dogs need to play

For dogs, physical and mental development, emotions and behaviour are all influenced by healthy play. Play helps dogs expend excess energy, which is important for appropriate behaviour. Kong dog toys encourage play, satisfying dogs' instinctual needs and strengthening the bond between dog and owner.

Kong Rambler delivers an exciting new puzzle game challenge that combines two toys into one for irresistible fun. The unpredictable movement and big squeak of the outer ball shell entices dogs while the entertaining tennis ball track creates an action packed and interactive play session.


• Entertains and satisfies average chewers

• Stuff with treats, pastes or peanut butter

• Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch

• Ideal for interactive games

Available in two sizes:

• Small - 13x12cm
• Large - 17x16cm

Available in three colours:

• Blue
• Orange
• Pink

*Colours may vary and can't be guaranteed upon placing an order