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EcoPet Treat Mat

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A quiet and activating game for your dog or cat.

Problem solving is important for your pets health. If pets are not provided with an outlet for their energy through different activities and stimulation, they find their own outlet which might be chewing or aggression. These games aid in obedience training through fun and positive moments.

Hide treats or toys underneath all or some of the Treat Mat's 20 flaps of the 6 layer rug. This pleasant and very activating quiet game can also be used as soft blanket.

Our Eco Pet Treat Mat is made from 100% weather protected polyester with no added chemicals. This product and it's packaging is recyclable.

Eco Pet is based on simple yet high quality designs. You can buy Eco Pet with confidence, knowing that the range offers you healthy options that are free of artificial colours and flavours as well as harsh and toxic chemicals which can detract from your pets' quality of life.

Our Eco Pet range is guaranteed to make tails wag.

• Level 1 - perfect for puppies, older dogs and difficultly motivated dogs

• Can be used as an interactive food bowl for pets that eat too fast

• Enhances the relationship with your dog or cat

• Gives your dog a fun and useful job

• Activates your dog's and cat's brain

The Treat Mat is 80cm x 80cm and has 6 layers with 20 flaps.