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Dog Treat Maze

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A treat maze that activates and entertains your dog

Problem solving is important for your pets health. If pets are not provided with an outlet for their energy through different activities and stimulation, they find their own 'outlet' which might be chewing or aggression. These games aid in obedience training through fun and positive moments.

Put treats in the hole at the top on both sides of the Treat Maze. Your dog has to work to get the Treat Maze in motion so that it wobbles, rocks and sometimes spins around, so that the treats pass through a maze inside on both sides and then fall out through the openings on both top and bottom. This puzzle can be used inside or outside.

All treats that fit in the hole at the top can come out through the holes on the side. The maze is easy to clean under running water.

Increase the degree of difficulty by blocking one of the holes with paper towel.

• 2 Holes for treat dispensing

• Easy to clean

• Challenges your dog's brain

• Saucer shape makes for great fun

• Treat Maze is a great way to challenge and engage your dog in new and exciting ways

• Green and Purple