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Dog Tornado

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A clever and activating game for you and your dog or cat

Problem solving is important for your pets health. If pets are not provided with an outlet for their energy through different activities and stimulation, they find their own 'outlet' which might be chewing or aggression. These games aid in obedience training through fun and positive moments.

The game has 4 layers with rotating discs, with 3 layers that have compartments for hidden treats. Put treats in each compartment and let your dog or cat rotate each layer's disc to find their hidden treats.

Increase the difficulty of this game by locking the layers with the bone-blocks that are included.

Mix a little bit of canned food or treats with water. Fill the hollows with this mixture and freeze until it is solidified. This makes a perfect cold and refreshing activity for hot summer days and an additional activity. Note that strict supervision is necessary.

This game can also be used as an interactive food bowl, this is great for dogs and cats that eat too fast.

• Featuring 12 treat compartments

• Can hold wet or dry food

• The spinning movement keeps your dog engaged

• Easy to clean