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Dog Casino

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An activating, ingenious game for you and your dog or cat

Problem solving is important for your pets health. If pets are not provided with an outlet for their energy through different activities and stimulation, they find their own outlet which might be chewing or aggression. These games aid in obedience training through fun and positive moments.

Your dog or cat has to look for treats by pulling out the flaps in different directions. In each flap there is a depression where you can hide treats.

The degree of difficulty can be increased by locking the flaps using the bone shaped pegs on top.

Tip: make a meaty ice cream by freezing some treats in it. This puzzle is recommended to activate your dog's brain, which stimulates the dog and creates a useful and fun job, while strengthening the relationship between pet and owner.

This puzzle is suitable for pets of all ages and sizes.

• Level 3 - advanced, for smart dogs & cats and dogs & cats that need extra mental stimulation

• Game can be used as an interactive food bowl for pets that eat too fast

• Enhances the relationship with your dog or cat

• Gives your dog or cat a fun and useful job

• Activates your dog's or cat's brain

• Made from non-toxic and recycled plastic (PE and PP)

• Replacement bone pegs available

The Dog Casino measures approx 44 x 30 x 7cm