Rogz RFO Flyer

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The World's Smartest Flying Disc!!

The Rogz Flying Object, or R.F.O has been specially manufactured with Rogz SST-Foam - Safe, Soft, Technology Foam.

This means that the R.F.O is light weight and soft, which equals SAFE for your special friend. No more bleeding gums, worn or broken teeth or cuts from sharp plastic edges. The R.F.O is comfortable to carry with a thick edge for easy pick up.

The specially designed foam ensures the R.F.O does not absorb water which allows it to float on top of the water's surface and the bright colours and visibility ensures that it is not easily lost, even in murky waters like dams and rivers. It's aerodynamic design is easy to throw and the 3 holes and counterweight design ensures a steady flight.

The foam is UV resistant so the disc lasts longer even with regular use and the advanced composition is anti-microbial and odour resistant. NO smelly toys!!

And safe for use in both little and big pooches.

Available colours:

• Blue

• Red

• Orange

• Lime

• Pink

Become a superstar to your RogzStar pooch!