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A self-righting, easy pick-up toy

The Rogz Pop-Upz pops upright on land and water for high visibility and easy pick-up. The unique counter-weight design with self-righting technology is what makes this unique toy land upright on flat surfaces for easy pick-up. The amphibious structure of the Pop-Upz also allows it to stand upright in water for easy pick-up while being highly visible in the water and completely buoyant. The toy is soft in mouth and gentle on teeth. It's erratic bounce and flight activates both mind and muscle while the wobble movement creates a playful back and forward motion which entices natural hunting instincts. The most fun a dog can have on any day!

• Self-Righting and Easy Pick-Up

• Unique counter weight design with self-righting technology

• Lands upright in flat surfaces for easy pick-up

• High Visibility on Land and Water

• Amphibious design allows for high visibility & easy pick-up on both land and water

• Highly visible and buoyant in water

• Erratic Flight and Bounce

• Soft in mouth and gentle on teeth

• Erratic bounce and flight activates both mind and muscle

• Playful back and forward motion entices natural hunting instincts

Available in two sizes:

• Small/Medium - 12cm

• Medium/Large - 14.5cm

Available in five colours:

• Blue

• Red

• Orange

• Pink

• Lime