EcoPet Leather Fetch-a-Rip

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Our Leather Fetch-a-Rip offers 2-in-1 fun

Stuff the Fetch-a-Rip with treats and let your dog rip it open again and again and again to get to their favourite treats, satisfying their natural hunting instinct.

The leather satchel is lined with velcro. The Fetch-a-Rip can also doubles as a tug toy.

Shinga is proud to introduce our Eco Pet range. At Shinga, your pets' well-being is the driving force behind our commitment to always bring you the latest in high quality products for your pet.

Our Eco Pet Leather Fetch-a-Rip is made from 100% leather and jute which is eco-friendly, sustainable, natural resources. This product and it's packaging is recyclable.

Eco Pet is based on simple yet high quality designs. You can buy Eco Pet with confidence, knowing that the range offers you healthy options that are free of artificial flavours as well as harsh and toxic chemicals which can detract from your pets' quality of life.

Our Eco Pet range is guaranteed to make tails wag.