Eco-friendly Dog Hoop on Rope

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The Eco-friendly Dog Hoop & Rope

Designed to be as stretchy and flexible as possible, the Becohoop on Rope is made from natural rice husk rubber making it non-toxic and extra durable. The Becohoop’s varying thickness around its circumference makes it easy for any size of dog to get a good grip. Perfect for teething puppies.

• Vanilla scented

• Sustainable and natural

• Varying circumference thickness allows for your dog to get a good grip

• Made from natural rubber and rice husks

• Flexible yet durable

• Lightweight

• Toxin free

Available in two sizes:

• Small - 12cm diameter hoop and 34cm in length (incl. rope)

• Large - 16.5cm diameter hoop and 37cm in length (incl. rope)

Available in three colours:

• Blue

• Green

• Pink