DuraChew Action Ridges

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Long lasting for powerful chewers

Give your dog something good to chew on. Made with tough, durable nylon, the DuraChew Action Ridges was designed for powerful chewers and has massage nubs for added stimulation. Continued chewing result in raised bristles, which help promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar buildup. Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed, so be sure to choose the correct chew size and type for your dog.

Nylon and natural bacon flavour

• Encourages appropriate chewing habits

• Helps clean teeth

• Fights boredom

• Provides long-lasting enjoyment

• Enhanced teeth cleaning action

• Bacon flavour

• Veterinarian recommended

Available in three sizes:

• Regular
• Wolf
• Souper

 Nylabone Sizing Guide

If your dog is between sizes, choose the larger size. If you have more than one dog in your household, select chews appropriate for the largest, stronger chewer. If your dog is an especially strong chewer, a larger chew may provide more of a challenge. Remember to supervise the use of all these chews and toys!!!