Doog Stick Family

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Willow Elwood Uncle Chuck Woody Twiggy Barkley
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Safer for your dog than a real stick and a whole lot more fun.

The original DOOG stick family are made from recycled rubber, float in water and have a handy rope for flinging. They also glow in the dark for late night trips to the dog park! There are 5 stick family members to collect. 

Due to the recycled material they are made from the Stick Family are designed for fetching at the park and in the water and gentle play (not designed as a chew toy). 

The Super Sticks are a brand new addition to the Stick toy family and have been designed for a bit more rough and tumble play at the dog park. These Sticks are a better option for dogs who tend to chew but can't float in water so are great for use at the dog park rather than the beach. 

Available designs:

• Willow

• Elwood

• Uncle Chuck

• Woody

• Twiggy

• Barkley