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Regal’s Skin Care Remedy, with a delicious beef flavour, has been specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for treating both acute and chronic skin conditions. This anti-itch herbal remedy will help address skin allergies including fleabites, eczema, rashes and hot spots. For healthy skin and a glossy coat. No-more irritation for you or your furry friend!


As humans we take pride in the health of our skin and for our pets this approach should be taken no less earnestly. The state of your dog’s skin is a very clear indication of his/her overall health. There are many culprits that cause skin problems, such as itchy skin, to arise. We all know what it’s like to feel an itch or two but our blessed pets really appear to get the worst of it. Scratching incessantly until their skin is raw and bleeding and even then the itch isn’t gone!

What is Regal’s Skin Care Remedy?

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy, with a delicious beef flavour, has been specifically formulated with three effective herbs known for treating both acute and chronic skin conditions. This anti-itch herbal remedy will help address skin allergies including fleabites, eczema, rashes and hot spots. For healthy skin and a glossy coat. No-more irritation for you or your furry friend!

What are the most common symptoms of skin problems?
• Scratching, biting, chewing or licking their skin
• Redness, inflammation
• Rashes
• Dry, flaky and irritated-looking skin
• Hot spots (refers to a particular area that has been particularly affect due to intense scratching)
• Hair loss or bald patches
• Scabs
• Round scaly areas that appear on the face and/or paws
• Tendency to rub face on objects such as furniture
• Lesions
• Skin discolouration, swelling, lumps
• Drainage of blood or pus

What are the main causes of skin problems in dogs?

Skin allergies are one of the most common forms of skin problems faced by our four-legged friends, commonly exhibiting behaviours such as excessive scratching, biting, chewing and/or licking. There are a number of causes that can lead to both acute and chronic skin conditions. These include:

Seasonal allergies are a common culprit for itchy skin as some dogs develop a sensitivity to allergens (just like many of us do!) such as pollen, dust, grass, mold, weeds, trees or mites to name but a few.

Food allergies is another main underlying cause for itchy skin and rashes due to a compromised immune system in reaction to any number of common ingredients found in dog food such as wheat, soy, corn, beef or chicken. Colourants and fillers can also cause an allergic reaction in your dog. So if you suspect a food allergy, it’s important to consult with your vet to help determine what it is.

Fleas are a persistent pest for dogs as their bite and droppings can easily irritate your pooch’s skin. Some dogs develop an allergy to the saliva from a flea’s bite known as fleabite dermatitis. Dogs can also develop an irritation from flea-prevention products such as flea collars.

External parasites such as lice and ear mites can cause skin reactions.

Ringworm is a fungal infection that is highly contagious – symptoms usually include inflammation, scaly areas on the skin and hair loss. If you suspect your pet has a ringworm infection it’s important to treat it immediately to avoid the infection spreading throughout your household!

Yeast or bacterial skin infections can develop secondary to skin allergy or from another skin problem e.g. sarcoptic mange

Sarcoptic mange is an infection that is caused by Sarcoptes scabei mites leading to not only inflammation but extreme itching as well – which can be commonly mistaken as being an allergic reaction instead.

Compulsive behaviour due to stress or boredom can also lead to excessive licking and scratching. Pets that don’t get enough exercise or mental stimulation or those under emotional stress can display obsessive compulsive behaviours such as continuous licking of the legs

Hormonal imbalances can lead to changes in the skin including discolouration of the skin, uneven fur thickness and distribution.

Seasonal changes can lead to skin changes e.g. some dogs become prone to dry, flaky skin during the winter period.

As there are so many causes of skin problems, when you notice any changes in your dog’s skin or coat it’s important to consult with your vet. Usually a vet will perform a variety of tests to determine the cause including an skin scrape, skin smears, testing for ringworm or parasites, skin biopsy, blood tests to (to test your dog’s overall health) and allergy testing. Once you know what the cause of your dog’s skin problem is, you will find there are a number of safe and effective treatment options available including herbal remedies.

Are some breeds more prone to developing skin conditions?

Due to there being so many causes of skin problems in dogs (as you can see, the list is indeed long!), all breeds can be susceptible in one way or another. Typically dogs living under stressful conditions or those who have a compromised immune system will be more vulnerable to developing some form of skin condition - as are puppies and elderly dogs.

Encouraging skin and coat health the holistic way:

There is a lot you can do on a day-to-day basis to ensure your dog has a shiny, healthy and vibrant coat!

Start off by feeding your dog a healthy, well-balanced diet that ideally contains fresh rather than artificial ingredients and is rich in essential fatty acids.

Stay away from harsh shampoos and opt for natural, hypoallergenic soaps instead that are formulated especially for dogs.

Don’t bathe your dog too often as this can strip away the coat’s natural oils leaving it dry and brittle.

Avoid matting of hair by brushing your dog on a regular basis making sure you never brush against the hair growth.

Minimize the collection of dust by regularly cleaning and vacuuming your house and ensure you give your pet the calm, loving environment that he or she needs to thrive and feel waggiliciously happy.

While natural remedies can help discourage fleas, it is important to have a flea-prevention programme in place. Chat with your vet for further guidance.

Investigate natural options such as herbal remedies that can address skin and coat problems without the harsh side effects that often accompany corticosteroids and anti-histamines that are frequently prescribed for itchy pets.

Companion products:

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Regal Flea Spray - a natural solution for repelling and controlling fleas

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy is comprised of these herbal ingredients:

• Chamomile Chamomilla recutita flos tincture 20% - 150mg
One of the most versatile, widely documented medicinal herbs. So much so, its medicinal uses go as far back as ancient Egypt,Greece and Rome! Substantial research into this plant has revealed it as being a potent anti-inflammatory with anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and sedative properties. 

• Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosis plant tota tincture 62% - 100mg
Being a sea vegetable, bladderwrack is a form of kelp. It is a rich source of minerals high in iodine calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulphur, silicon and iron as well as being a good source of some B-complex vitamins. The concentrated iodine content has shown to be particularly beneficial in stimulating thyroid functioning for improved metabolism. Bladderwrack is considered a nourishing tonic known for relieving chronic dry skin conditions. 

• Rooibos Extract 18:1 - 28mg
A highly-prized local plant that has quickly grown in popularity around the world as studies continue to reveal its many medicinal uses. Indigenous to the Western Cape region of South Africa, Rooibos is high in anti-oxidants and has shown to aid in the treatment of several skin conditions including itching and inflammation. Many people use Rooibos in the relief of eczema, acne and nappy rash. 

Other ingredients:

alcohol (1.17%), sorbitol, water, alcohol, citric acid, flavouring and colourant


Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate0.048% m/v & 0.030% m/v

How To Use:

Regal’s Skin Care Remedy has been formulated with an artificial beef flavour to ensure administration is stress-free for both you and your dog!

Directions: Administer liquid directly into the mouth or place it into a bowl. If your dog has a fussy palate then simply add some of your dog’s favourite food or snack to the liquid such as pellets, milk or yoghurt.

• Small dogs (1 - 4.5kg) take 5ml TWICE a day
• Small to Medium dogs (5 - 10kg) take 10ml TWICE a day
• Medium dogs (11 - 20kg) take 15ml TWICE a day
• Large dogs (21kg and more) take 20ml TWICE a day

For acute conditions increase dose to THREE times a day. For best results use strictly as per dosage recommendation. Use until symptoms clear or continue as needed.

NOT SUITABLE FOR CATS. Do not give to pregnant or lactating dogs. Safe for dogs 6 months and older. Do not administer if your dog has an iodine allergy or is pre-diagnosed with hypo- or hyperthyroidism. Consult with your vet before administering this remedy should your dog be on blood thinning medication or being given iron preparations. If in doubt please contact your veterinary surgeon before using this product.

Available in two sizes:

• 200ml

• 400ml