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Calcium supplement for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Cani-Cal is a calcium supplement containing vitamins and minerals for dogs. Cani-Cal contains an optimal level of calcium and phosphorus, necessary for normal growth and bone development. Excellent supplement for pregnant and lactating bitches to ensure they are able to cope with milk production.

Cani-Cal can be sprinkled over or mixed into food.

Reg No. V10328 Act 36 of 1947

5 grams (one level measure) of Cani-Cal contains;

Vitamin A 2000iu
Vitamin D3 150iu
Iron 5iu
Vitamin E 20mg
Zinc 5mg
Calcium 350mg
Phosphorus 290mg
Calcium / Phosphorus Ratio 1.2 : 1
Cani-Cal may be given to puppies and growing dogs and bitches during gestation and lactation, as well as dogs of any age and type.

• Adult dogs - One to two 5g measures sprinkled or mixed in food.
• Puppies and growing dogs - Half to one 5g measure per day, sprinkled on or mixed in food.
250g tub