Ultrum Duration Spray

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Environmental Flea Spray

Ultrum Duration Spray is an aerosol spray for flea control in the house - giving instant knock-down of adult fleas, 2 month's activity against biting fleas and over 6 month's activity against larval and egg froms.

Fleas can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs. Some of these eggs will be laid in out-of-the-way places in your carpets, furniture, kennels, bedding and cracks/crevises. Some might even survive the treatment given to your dog. It is therefore equilly important to control adult fleas, larvae and eggs in the environment. Treating the environment ensures that adult fleas don't get a chance to jump onto your dog and lay more eggs.

Ultrum Duration Spray has a quick-drying base and penetrates into cracks, crevices and fabrics, eliminating all flea life-stages for months. A single application immediately starts killing fleas.

Reg No. L7504 Act 36 of 1947

• Permethrin 14.5g/kg

• Es-bioallethrin 1.2g/kg

• Pyriproxifen 0,4g/kg

The can has a special valve allowing it to be sprayed upside down. Shake before use. Hold can approximately 50cm away the area to be sprayed, inverted with nozzle pointing towards area. Spray until slightly wet and allow to dry naturally. Treat bedding, kennels and areas where your pets spends most of the time. Spray on carpets and rugs and especially under furniture and in dark corners. The can has an approximate coverage of 15-20m³.

• Eliminates all flea life-stages for months (re-apply once every 2 months)

• Let surface dry completely before walking on it

• Non-toxic to people

• One can will cover approximately an average room size

350ml spray can