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Protection against fleas and ticks for 8 months
With its innovative delivery system, Seresto® offers a breakthrough in flea and tick protection for dogs or cats for eight months.

An effective combination

Inside the unique polymer matrix of Seresto® are two active ingredients:

Imidacloprid has been used in products recommended by veterinarians for years to control flea infestations.
Flumethrin effectively repels and kills ticks, and kills larvae and nymphs.
Flumethrin works together with imidacloprid to provide dual action against fleas and ticks. No other treatment has this combination of ingredients. The active ingredients spread from the site of direct contact over the skin surface of the cat or dog.

Sustained release technology

Seresto® works similarly to a monthly topical, but as the active ingredients wear off over time, a new supply is continuously replenished in low concentrations. The active ingredients spread from the site of direct contact over the skin surface.

Bayer's polymer matrix technology is designed to slowly and continuously release the active ingredients over eight months, a duration that makes it clearly different from other collars.

Seresto® is water resistant

The active ingredients of Seresto® are contained within the Bayer Polymer Matrix, making it water-resistant. Therefore it is unnecessary to remove the collar before the pet is immersed in water. Seresto® remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming, or after exposure to rain or sunlight. Under normal conditions, effectiveness lasts for eight months. In order to maintain an 8-month duration, dogs must not be bathed more than once per month. For dogs that swim once a month or more, the control duration is reduced to five months.

Reg No. G4026 (Act 36 of 1947)
Registration Holder: Bayer (Pty) Ltd., Animal Health Division.
Co. Reg. No. 1968/011192/07 - 27 Wrench Road, Isando, 1601, South Africa.
Tel: (011) 921 5573 - Fax: (011) 921 5762 -


• Imidacloprid
• Flumethrin

Monthly flea and tick treatments can be time-consuming to apply. Plus, remembering to apply them monthly can be a hassle. Seresto® takes just minutes to adjust on your dog or cat, and provides treatment that lasts eight months against fleas and ticks.

Seresto® kills fleas within 24 hours and kills ticks within 48 hours of initial application.

• Remove collar from protective bag immediately prior to use.

• Unroll collar and make sure that there are no remnants from the plastic connectors inside the collar.

• Insert end of the collar through the buckle. Adjust the collar around the dog or cat’s neck without tightening it too tight (as a guide, it should be possible to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck).

• Pull excess collar through the loop(s) and cut off any excess length extending 2 cm beyond the loop(s).

• Seresto® comes with three optional reflector clips that can be attached to the collar for additional visibility at night. The reflector clips should be evenly distributed on the non-overlapping part of the collar.

Make sure Seresto® fits securely
As a guide, it should be possible to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck. Make sure the collar is not loose enough for the cat to put its leg through.
If your dog or cat is not used to collars
Please carefully observe your dog or cat when it’s wearing a collar for the first few days, especially when the pet is not used to wearing a collar. Try using a tasty treat, toy or other activities to distract your dog or cat’s attention from the new collar. Occasionally slight itching may be observed in animals that are not used to wearing collars in the first few days of fitting. Ensure that the collar is not fitted too tightly.
Please ensure collars are applied correctly. See product insert for complete product information and directions for use.
Safety-release mechanism
Because some pet owners may be concerned that a cat or small dog could get stuck while wearing a collar, Seresto® is designed with a safety release mechanism. In the unlikely event of the cat being trapped, the cat's own strength is sufficient to widen the collar to allow for quick release.
A hard pull causes the ratchet-release mechanism to allow a widening of the collar.
The small dog and cat collars are equipped with a predetermined breaking point. A harder pull triggers the breaking of the collar at this point.
If your cat is not used to collars
If the collar feels foreign, the cat especially may scratch at it initially but should adapt in time. Offering a treat or toy after applying Seresto® may be enough of a distraction to end this behavior. Slight hair loss and mild skin reactions due to the mechanical irritation of the collar may occur at the application site, which usually recover within a week or two without the need for collar removal.
Please ensure collar is applied correctly. See product insert for complete product information and directions for use.

• Effective for up to 8 months

• For dogs or cats

• Kills and Repels parasites before they bite

• Water-Resistant

• Non-greasy, odorless, easy-to-use

Available in three sizes:

• Cat collar (38cm collar)

• Small Dog collar (38cm collar for dogs under 8kg)

• Large Dog collar (70cm collar for dugs over 8kg)