Frontline Tri-Act for Dogs

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What is Frontline Tri-Act?
Frontline Tri-Act is a synergistic blend of fipronil and permethrin, combining the flea and tick killing power of fipronil with the repellency of permethrin. This formulation not only kills fleas, ticks, biting flies and mosquitoes in a fast acting manner but also repels mosquitoes, ticks biting flies and other flying insects.

Why does the Pipette contain two different active ingredients?
Frontline Tri-Act's synergistic blend of two acaricidal and insecticidal molecules, kills fleas and ticks faster than either fipronil or permethrin alone. Frontline Tri-Act starts killing newly acquired fleas in 5 minuets, kills all fleas in 6 hours, and kills all infesting ticks in 6 hours. Thanks to its sustained speed of kill, fleas are killed before they lay eggs, effectively breaking the flea life cycle for a full month. Due to the dual repellent and acaracidal activity, ticks will not attach and fewer ticks will be visible on the dog.

How often should Frontline Tri-Act be applied to my Dog?
Frontline Tri-Act kills and repels ticks and flying insects for a full month. It is water tolerant and does not wash off, making it a great choice for active outdoor dogs. Frontline Tri-Act keeps killing fleas for 30 days. Plus it also kills chewing lice, providing a relatively broad range of protection for your dogs against parasites.

Can Frontline Tri-Act be applied to Cats?
No. Due to cats unique physiology, cats cannot tolerate permethrin. As a result, Frontline Tri-Act cannot be applied to cats. This product is only safe for use in dogs

• Exclusively for dogs from 8 weeks of age and 2kg in body weight.
• Monthly Administration
• Reg. No. G4196 Act 36/1947
• Registration Holder: Merial South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Co. Reg. No. 1997/022402/07. P O Box 5924. Halfway House. 1685.

• Fipronil 67,60 mg/ml

• Permethrin 504,8 mg/ml.

Available in five sizes:

• X-Small - 2 to 5kg

• Small - 5 to 10kg

• Medium - 10 to 20kg

• Large - 20 to 40kg

• X-Large - 40 to 60kg