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A Natural product, proven to help manage stress in Cats and Dogs

Zylkène can be used in the management of stress in cats and dogs during travelling, thunderstorms, fireworks, kennelling, moving, changes in environment and other situations causing distress.

Zylkène is non-sedating, preservative free and lactose-free. Ensure that enough water is available at all times.


Begin administration 1-2 days before the predicted event or change in environment. Administer for one month then reassess the pet. Administer once daily. The capsule can be opened and the powder mixed with food or a treat.

Zylkene 75mg:

• Cats and Dogs weighing 0-5kg - 1 capsule per day

• Cats and Dogs weighing 5-10kg - 2 capsules per day

Zylkene 225mg:

• Dogs weighing 10-15kg - 1 capsule per day

• Dogs weighing 15-30kg - 2 capsules per day

Zylkene 450mg:

• Dogs weighing 15-30kg - 1 capsule per day

• Dogs weighing 30-60kg - 2 capsules per day

For use in the management of stress in Cats and Dogs during;

• Travelling

• Thunderstorms

• Fireworks

• Moving

• New Baby

• Cohabitation

• Nursing and Weaning

• Home Alone

Available in three sizes:

• 75mg for Cats and Dogs weighing 0 - 10kg

• 225mg for Dogs weighing 10 - 30kg

• 450mg for Dogs weighing 15 - 60kg