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Give the gift of relaxation

Discover the green tea alternative to managing stress-related conditions in pets. Green tea harnesses the power of L-theanine to help calm stressed dogs and cats. 

Add a proven complementary feed containing a natural source of green tea to a stressed pets' diet. 

Anxitane S Reg No. V20922 (Act 36/1947)
Anxitane M/L Reg No. V20921 (Act 36/1947)
Patient Type Tablet Size Administration (long term)
Cat Anxitane Tablets S 1/2 tablet once a day
Dog less than 10kg Anxitane Tablets S 1/2 tablet twice a day
Dog 10-25kg Anxitane Tablets M/L 1/2 tablet twice a day
Dog over 25kg Anxitane Tablets M/L 1 tablet twice a day

• A palatable tablet with stress-relieving properties as a treat for cats and dogs

• Extremely easy administration for both pet and pet owner

• Can be given as a reward - important as a positive reinforcement in behaviour modification programmes

• Helps to build a bond between owner and pet

• Contains a natural source of L-theanine

• Safe without causing drowsiness

30 tablets per box