Ringworm Ointment

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Kyron Ringworm Ointment is a topical Fungicidal Ringworm Treatment containing Phenylmercuric acetate 0.06% and Eugenol.

Ringworm is caused by several types of fungi, called dermatophytes, with the most common one in pets being Microsporum canis. It is not at all caused by worms as the name may indicate.

Signs of Ringworm in dogs and cats:

• Raised flaky, dandruff like "rings" on the skin / in the depths of the coat.

• Red lesions on the head, chest, front legs and the ridge of the back.

• Scaling, crusting, thickening and reddening of the skin.

• Circular patches of hair loss or alopecia on the fungal site - normally the head, chest or ridge of the back.

Directions of use:

It is recommended to scrape off the scales and apply the Kyron Ringworm Ointment to the affected area. Re-apply the product a few days later. Apply a third time if still necessary. 

Please Note: Ringworm is highly contagious to humans. When applying the Kyron Ringworm Ointment, avoid skin to skin contact with the affected pet. 

This product is intended for external animal use only.

If you are uncertain of your pet's condition, please consult your veterinarian first. 

Available size:

• 25g jar