Efazol Plus

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A Nutritional aid for the management of Omega-3 Responsive skin conditions.

High levels of EPA & DHA are an integral part of the treatment protocol for dogs presenting with inflammatory skin conditions. Efazol Plus is indicated where the beneficial effects of high levels or EPA and DHA are required for the management of certain skin conditions in dogs.

Reg. No. V27469 Act 36/1947





Shake well before use. Apply the measured dose using the pump onto the food once daily according to the following dose rates;

Weight Initial Dose (6 weeks) Long Term Dose
  Dose Number of Pumps Dose Number of Pumps
< 5kg 2ml 1 Pump 1ml ½ Pump
6 - 11kg 4ml 2 Pumps 2ml 1 Pump
12 - 17kg 6ml 3 Pumps 3ml 1 ½ Pumps
18 - 23kg 8ml 4 Pumps 4ml 2 Pumps
24 - 35kg 12ml 6 Pumps 6ml 3 Pumps
>35kg 16ml 8 Pumps 8ml 4 Pumps

1 pump = 2 ml

After 6 weeks of use dose may be reduced by half. During flare ups or high risk periods dose may be increased back up to the full dose.


• High levels of EPA and DHA
Delivers 1500mg of EPA/DHA per 25kg dog (60mg/kg)*
• Lower ratio of Omega-6 : Omega-3
(1,5:1) recommended for dogs with underlying pathology
• Added Zinc, Biotin and Vitamin A

Available size:

• 250ml pump bottle
• 750ml pump bottle