SnuggleSafe Instant Pet Cooling Pad

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A pet's lifestyle can be improved by keeping them cool throughout summer with the SnuggleSafe Instant Cool Pad. Automatically cools down when an animal sits on it!

It instantly reduces body temperature, which makes it perfect for travelling in the car! Because dogs feel the heat differently than we do and rely primarily on their circulatory system for cooling, the SnuggleSafe Cool Pad can help keep them comfortable in very hot weather.

• No freezing required
• No electricity - no wires
• A non-toxic compound, Thermapol™, is used
• Can be used indoors and outdoors
• Uses 'phase change' technology
• Can be used daily

The SnuggleSafe Cooling pad stays cold for approximately 2 hours. To re-cool leave the SnuggleSafe Cooling pad for an hour in a cool place (not a fridge).
Easy to Clean! Wipe Cooling pad with a damp cloth and a non-bleach cleaning agent.