EcoPet Lift Harness

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Our Eco Pet Lift Harness is made of 100% polyester & fleece with no added chemicals 

Our Lift Harness is designed for injured or elderly dogs that have difficulty in getting up from lying down or jumping into the car. Simply attach the Lift Harness around your dog's torso or abdomen to assist them in getting up or lifting them into the car. Lift Harness assists owner to lift heavy dogs but also prevents strain on your dog's legs and hips.

Eco Pet is based on simple yet high quality designs. You can buy Eco Pet with confidence, knowing that the range offers you healthy options that are free of artificial colours and flavours as well as harsh and toxic chemicals which can detract from your pets' quality of life.

This product and it's packaging is recyclable.

• Durable stitched straps feature broad lift handle for secure grip

• Wide velcro closure secures dog

• Padded, heavy-duty material is soft and durable for your dog's comfort

• Suited for large dogs