Dermavet Antiseptic Wound Healing Cream

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Dermavet Antiseptic Wound Healing Cream

Dermavet is indicated for the treatment of slow healing wounds, topical superficial wounds and topical septic wounds in dogs, cats and horses. 

The synergistic action of all the active ingredients provides continuous support to the healing process.

Reg. No. 2001/017471/07


Dermavet encompasses the antibacterial and antifungal properties of;
• Azadirachta indica,
• Pongamia pinnata, and
• Cassia tora

It has the cooling, haemastatic and astringent properties of;
• Shorea robusta,
• Glycyrrhiza glabra,
• Ficus infectoria and
• Jashad bhasma 

It also has the analgesic property of Celastrus paniculatus.

In the even that you are uncertain about your pet's condition and/or a wound that is not healing, please contact your veterinarian first.

Available in two sizes:

• 20g tube
• 75g tube