BooBooLoon Pet Recovery Collars

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Due to the nature of this product we can't except any returns. Please ensure that the measurement is taken correctly and the appropriate size is chosen.  

The safe and humane alternative to the old lampshade cone!

Like most great ideas, the BooBooLoon brand inflatable Pet Recovery Collar was invented to fill a void, one not satisfied by traditional pet care products. The BooBooLoon is the most innovative way to protect your pet! Say bon voyage to the old hard plastic Elizabethan Cone. No longer will your pet have difficulty eating, sleeping or being comfortable while recovering from a surgery or skin ailment.

Let’s face it - your pet is like your child. And like with any child, their insatiable curiosity and playfulness can lead to a boo boo. We have all seen those giant plastic lampshades protruding from a dog’s neck after surgery. It’s not hard to imagine why the hard, uncomfortable Elizabethan Cone is not exactly an animal’s favorite accessory. It digs into their neck and shoulders, obstructs their vision and hinders the ability to sleep, eat and drink.

But what could we do? It was the only option around.

Finally the long awaited solution to a never-ending problem has arrived - The BooBooLoon Pet Recovery Collar.

BooBooLoon outshines the lampshades and other recovery collars due to its easily inflatable design and soft, flexible material that allows for ultimate comfort post-surgery. The soft pillow-like cushion gently adheres around the neck and fastens with Velcro. Your pet can move easily, eat regularly and sleep soundly through the night. Yup, you’ve found the most comfy cone in town!

So what is the BooBooBenefit?
The BooBooBenefit is and will always be a safe and humane alternative to hard cones and other recovery collar devices. Making sure that they are at ease, so you can be too!

How to BooBoo!
Using the BooBooLoon is a cinch! All you need to do is take a look at the user friendly How-To guide to ensure that your dog or cat gets the most out of their BooBooLoon.

Once you make sure that the humane dog collar BooBooLoon is inflated halfway and securely fastened by the Velcro, you can officially say that your pet has been BooBooFied!

• The BooBooLoon is not recommended for use after eye surgery

• Soft, comfortable, light-weight and unique design

• Creates a soft barrier rather than using a neck brace approach to keep pets from reaching their wounds

• Has a wide range of adjustment with its overlapping closure design and placement of Velcro fasteners

• Pets can comfortably eat, drink, play and sleep while wearing this collar

• Made from 100% safe, nontoxic PVC material with renewable packaging

• Easy to store and can be safely cleaned with soap and water

• No additional fasteners required

• If your pet is between sizes or has longer legs, we suggest ordering one size bigger

• Please ensure that you don't blow the BooBooLoon up more than half way

• We recommend trimming & filing claws before use with cats and dogs with long nails

Available in five sizes:

• X-Small - fits neck circumference of 8 to 18cm

• Small - fits neck circumference of 20 to 30cm

• Medium - fits neck circumference of 33 to 46cm

• Large - fits neck circumference of 48 to 61cm

• X-Large - fits neck circumference of 63 to 76cm

Correct inflation of this collar is very important, please follow inflation guide.

If your pet is between sizes or has longer legs, we suggest ordering one size bigger.