Vet Aquadent Fresh

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FRESHER than before!

Maintains healthy, fresh breath and supports healthy teeth and gums. Vet Aquadent Fresh water additive is a convenient solution to help fight bad breath.

• Pomegranate - cleanses and helps prevent dental plaque formation with an antioxidant, anti-aggregative effect.

• Inulin - balances the intestinal microflora and reduces foul-smelling intestinal gas emmission.

• Erythritol - Freshens breath with a cooling effect and provides an anti-plaque effect.

Shake before using. Light sedimentation is normal. First pour recommended dose into an empty bowl then add 250ml of drinking water for every 2.5ml of product using the dosing cup. Provide additional non-treated water as needed. Discard any treated water not consumed within 24 hours. Prepare fresh solution each day.

Vet Aquadent Fresh targets the causes of bad breath in 3 ways;

• Cleanse - Pomegranate has been added to addresses oral causes of bad breath. Pomegranate decreases the number of microorganisms/bacteria found in dental plaque. It decreases free-radicals and oxidative stress, causative inflammatory factors in the progression of gingivitis. It also disturbs polyglycan synthesis, which affects the adherence mechanisms of these bacterium onto the dental surface. 

• Cool - Added Erythritol (a naturally occurring polyol) freshens the breath with a cooling action. This polyol is GRAS* - approved for use as a sweetener in reduced calorie foods. It has been proven to have a high tolerability as reported in an acute oral and 13-week oral toxicity study.

• Digestive - Inulin, a prebiotic, supports healthy digestion. Bad breath can stem from gastrointestinal problems caused by unbalanced intestinal microflora. Inulin is a fructan, derived from chicory roots and other natural sources. Fructants, a type of carbohydrate, can improve microbial gut ecology and limit production of foul-smelling gases. 

* Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) is a US Food and Drug Administration designation.