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Oral Care Kit

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Oral Care Kit for Small Dogs & Cats

The Tropiclean Fresh Breath line is built on the concept of making pet dental care easier for you, the owner! By incorporating brushing into your pet's daily routine, you will speed up the plaque and tartar removal process. That is why Tropiclean created the Oral Care Kit! The kit includes specially formulated mint gel, QuickFinger brush and TripleFlex toothbrush.

These cutting edge tools help remove plaque and tartar and freshen your pets' breath, cleaning all surfaces in less time.

Brush teeth once daily for 30-days. Depending on your pet’s liking, use the TripleFlex brush or the QuickFinger brush. Squeeze a small amount of Fresh Breath Brushing Gel onto the brush and allow your pet to taste. Reapply and gently brush in a circular motion.

Remember!! Never use human toothpaste, as it can upset your pet’s stomach. For Maximum effect, withhold food and water for 30 minutes before and after treatment.

• An easy 360° clean

• Naturally defends against plaque and tartar

• Clean teeth, healthy mouth and happy do

Small - For use in cats and small dogs