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PetDent DentaBio

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A tab a day keeps the bad breath away!

PetDent DentaBio is a probiotic nutritional supplement that improves oral malodour, dental plaque & gingivitis and supports oral health in dogs and cats. It contains beneficial oral probiotic strains, Streptococcus and Lactoferrin. 

Reg No. V29070 Act 36 of 1947


• Daily dose of between 1-3 tablets

• Use on its own, or in combination with any other PetDent product

• Pleasant tasting tablet

• Will suppress growth of harmful periodontal disease-causing bacteria

• Helps control and improve bad breath

• Helps to prevent and improve gingivitis

• Helps to control dental plaque formulation

• Ideal for any pets, especially those that don't tolerate any form of dental care

• Convenient for pet owners with busy lifestyles

Box of 30 tablets